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Stop Motion Pro Eclipse

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse - Network License - Windows Only

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Availability: In stock

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Quick Overview

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse has been created for animation professionals and is aimed at individuals who are interested in making animation with the best tools available. Developed with leading studios, Stop Motion Pro couples a user friendly interface together with the features demanded by leading animators.

All editions include disc and box.

NOTE: Our Prices are inclusive of VAT. The ex VAT prices are £833.33 for Eclipse SD and £1458.33 for Eclipse

PC ONLY - Not suitable for Mac


Stop Motion Pro Eclipse Network

The Stop Motion Pro Eclipse Network editions are designed for easy rollout across your school network. The license allows an unlimited number of PCs, laptops and Windows laptops to be used. You can install the software on any device as long as it connects to your network at least once every 30 days.

The key benefits of a network license are as follows:

- Eclipse is designed to minimize network traffic as the students create their films
- You configure the roll-out for your network topology
- Storage 'server' can be a NAS, Lynix, or other technologies
- Compatible with virtualized servers
- Disconnect laptops or Windows tablets from the network for up to 30 days

The network license works in the following way:

- Once unlocked, the local network server holds its license, without requiring an internet connection.
- The workstations can be removed from the local network for up to 30 days and still use Eclipse.
- To refresh workstation licenses, connect the computer to the local network and run Eclipse.  An internet connection is not required.

The software is rolled out across your school as follows:

- Your staff install Stop Motion Pro Eclipse on a central server. Individual licenses are not required for on-site computers or laptops and unlimited users are allowed.
- A MSI installer package, customized for your school IT policies, is created using the Eclipse Network wizard application.
- The MSI can be deployed using your existing processes and software. It can also be used in a virtulized environment.
- Students and teachers can take their laptops home and use Eclipse for up to 30 days before reconnecting to the server.

In addition to the new way which this stop motion program is rolled and the way that it opterates on your network; Stop Motion Pro Eclipse also benefits from a simplified the interface, making it much more user friendly. There are also now just two options, Eclipse and Eclipse SD, each of which offering features that both include:

- Smooth playback at up to 30 frames per second
- Track and plan movement with markers
- Record audio while playing back animation
- Capture multiple frames with one click
- Customize shortcuts
- Compatible with dozens of cameras
- Advanced project management tools
- Thumbnail editor

The only difference between the two editions is the resolution and the ability to use a DSLR camera. With Eclipse SD, the maximum resolution is 800 x 600 pixels, whereas Eclipse is unlimited and can be used with DSLR cameras.

The full list of feature is as follows:

  Eclipse       Eclipse SD
 Canon / Nikon DSLR* tick     X
 DSLR Image lab tool tick     X
 Webcams / Video cameras tick     tick
 Resolution max.  unlimited      800 x 600
 Import movies and stills tick     tick
 Multitrack audio tick     tick
 Onionskinning tick     tick
 Chromakey  tick     tick
 Rotoscope tick     tick
 Looping functions tick     tick
 Rig removal tick     tick
 Paint on frames tick     tick
 Dual monitors tick     tick
 X-sheet / sound sync tick     tick
 Markers tick     tick
 Programable shortcut keys tick     tick
 Arduino controller tick     tick



Stop Motion Pro has established a reputation as the stop motion software of choice for children, students, schools, universities, animators and studios across the globe.

We also offer a range of fantastic money saving bundle deals, where you can purchase a copy of Stop Motion Pro together with a copy of Lip Sync Pro or an HD webcam and tripod, and save money.

*Please note, some cameras will not work with Stop Motion Pro. If in doubt, please check that your camera is compatible before ordering. 

PC ONLY - Not suitable for Mac

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