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  1. Lip Sync Pro

    This software application is designed for planning ("breaking down") dialogue for animation. In the much the same way as you would using a dope sheet. Breaking down dialogue, frame-by-frame ... More detail
  2. Capture Pad & Stickers

    USB capture pad with specially designed Stop Motion Pro stickers.... More detail
  3. EzCAP USB Video Adaptor

    EzCAP USB Video Adaptor... More detail
  4. Stop Motion Pro Bundle Deals

    From: £53.99

    To: £240.96

    Buy a copy of Stop Motion Pro and take advantage of our range of money saving bundle offers. PC ONLY - Not suitable for Mac... More detail
  5. Hama Mini Tripod

    Hama Mini Tripod SAVE £2 when you buy our MICROSOFT HD Webcam & Tripod together.... More detail
  6. Stop Motion Pro Eclipse - Single user - Windows Only

    Stop Motion Pro Eclipse has been created for animation professionals and is aimed at individuals who are interested in making animation with the best tools available. Developed with leading ... More detail
  7. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema & Studio HD Webcams & Tripods

    From: £54.99

    To: £69.98

    SAVE £2 when you buy our MICROSOFT HD Webcam & Tripod together. Includes: - MICROSOFT HD Webcam                  - Mini Tabl... More detail
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