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Model Making

Model Making

  1. Styrofoam

    Starting at: £12.99

    Styrofoam... More detail
  2. Styrofoam - Multi-Packs

    Starting at: £69.99

    Great value bulk buy packs of Styrofoam. Save up to 33% off our regular individual priced sheets. ... More detail

    Guillow's Box O' Bolsa - Assorted balsa wood for model building, wood carving, craft and school projects.Very light -  High strength to weight ratio-  Cuts easily with only a hobb... More detail
  4. Polyballs

    Starting at: £0.30

    Useful for building sets and general model making, polyballs are a brilliant way of saving plasticine and avoiding top heavy or weighty model creations. Not only does this make your models e... More detail
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