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Armature Kits

  1. ProPlus Armature™ Kit

    The ProPlus Armature™ is an exciting product packed full of features demanded by top animators. The key features of the ProPlus Armature™ are listed below and detailed ... More detail
  2. Professional Armature™ Kit

    The Animation Supplies Professional Armature™ kit provides smaller joints than our Standard Armature. This allows for more elegant anatomically correct characters. Detailed i... More detail
  3. Standard Armature™ Kit

    Our 4th generation Standard Armature™ offers exceptional value for money. Detailed information can be found further down this page.A fully customisable designFixed joints and toe ... More detail
  4. AliExtra Armature™ Kit

    AliExtra Armature™ Kit... More detail
  5. Aluminium Armature™ Kit

    The Aluminium Armature™ is the ideal choice for those starting out in animation. It features a fully customisable design as well as easily replaceable wires. Detailed informa... More detail
  6. ProPlus Quadruped™ Kit

    The ProPlus Quadruped™ is our first ever 4 legged armature. It utilises the same high quality ball joints as our ProPlus armatures. The key features of the Quadruped Armature are ... More detail
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