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Behind the scenes of a stop motion animated production

September 2013

Hello! Trevor here. Just got back from a sunny holiday in Dorset, complete with Snowboarding accident!.."Eh, I hear you cry...Snowboarding in Dorset"???...yep, dry slope snowboarding, fall off, land on right hand wrist...SNAP!!!! Great stuff.

So, that has very much slowed down production on, Three's a crowd'....but the commited fool I am, I'm still trying to animate one handed - it's not easy!

Other than the broken arm, everything is coming together nicely, lot's of scenes completed and edited together, Sound effects and Foley completed, voices done, The Animation Supplies Armature inside Ray is working a treat! Rays jumper and trousers made and stitched onto Ray puppet and the icing on the cake, Phil Brookes of is doing all the music for the film, his stuff is fantastic and I can't wait to hear what he comes up with.

So back to the slog....As promised, here are some more pics.

Thanks for reading and following....Bye! for now


A Stop motion set from, Three's A Crowd

Stop motion stage and lighting setup  - The lighting setup for the lift scene

Wayne, tied down using an animation magnet

Wayne - The ex-boyfriend - Note how Wayne has been tied down using a profssional magnet.


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