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Three's a Crowd - Behind the scenes of a stop motion production

August 2013

Hello, Trevor here from FoolHardy Films. We are currently making a 10'ish minute stop-motion animation entitled 'Three's A Crowd'. I'm not quite sure how I would describe it? Thriller? Drama? I think it is probably best described as a 'Vigil Anti film'. This is the basic idea:
Ray lives on a council estate. Ray is a loner, he likes to keep himself to himself and mind his own business. Next door to Ray lives Paula and her Eight year old daughter, Sophie.

All things are fine for single mum Paula, until her waste of space ex-boyfriend, Wayne turns up. Wayne starts to make Paula and Sophies lives a misey.
Ray cannot ignore the shouting and anger from Wayne next door and he is forced to do something.....But what?

I will be updating this blog on a regular basis offering you the chance to see and read how 'Three's a crowd' is coming along.

Stay time I'll post some more pics including Paula and Sophie.


A stop motion production by Fool Hardy Films, Three's A Crowd

Ray looks out of his kitchen window - Ray's jumper has been handmade/knitted by a lovely lady called Martha from Sweden. She is also making Rays trainers.

A lovely stop motion set from Fool Hardy Films

 The Lift Set from Three's A Crowd - The quality and detail of the sets is incredible.


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