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  1. Standard Fixed Joint

    Stainless steel ball joint with one pivot point. The balls are 8mm and have an M4 threaded hole. Includes: 1 Threaded ball 1 Fixing ball 1 Fixing component 1 Standard plate 1 Thread... More detail
  2. Standard Joint

    Stainless steel ball joint as used in our Standard Armature kits.... More detail
  3. Replacement Hands

    The hands on our armatures have been designed to be easily replaced. It is a good idea to have spares ready for when they eventually wear out. Includes: 3 Metres 1mm wire 1 Metre 2.5mm ... More detail
  4. M4 Threaded Tie-Down Rod

    Standard threaded tie-down system as used on both our Standard and Aluminium Armatures. Includes: 1 Tie-down rod 1 Wing nut Compatibility: Standard Armature Aluminium Armatu... More detail
  5. Standard Universal Joint

    Made from brass and featuring two through threaded holes. Used to make the "T" and "X" section on the Standard Armature. Includes: 1 Universal joint Compatibility: Standard Armatur... More detail
  6. Professional M3 Threaded Rod

    175mm stainless steel M3 threaded rod Includes: 1 Threaded rod Compatibility: Professional Armature ProPlus Armature ... More detail
  7. Foot Components

    A pair of stainless steel foot components complete with a standard threaded tie-down system. Includes: 2 Foot components 2 Socket screws 1 Standard threaded tie-down system (shown belo... More detail
  8. Hip Block

    Beautifully made aluminium hip block. Used in our Aluminium Armatures. Includes: 1 Hip block 3 Socket screws Compatibility: Aluminium Armature  ... More detail
  9. Shoulder Block

    Precision made aluminium shoulder block. Used for our Aluminium Armatures. Includes: 1 Shoulder block 3 Socket screws Compatibility: Aluminium Armature ... More detail
  10. ProPlus Joint

    This ball joint is made from stainless steel and is used in our ProPlus armatures. It has two pivot points and can be tensioned using the torx head screw. The balls are 6mm with an M3 t... More detail
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